Postdoctoral Research Associate

The role

A postdoctoral research fellowship is available in the group, to work on synthetic carbohydrate receptors with potential medical applications. The role is funded by a UKRI Frontier Research Grant (UK-supported ERC Advanced Grant).

Job description

Carbohydrates are central to biology, serving as fuels and building materials and also as carriers of information controlling biological processes. Synthetic receptors for carbohydrates thus have many potential applications in biological research and medicine. The Davis group have recently developed a receptor, termed “GluHUT” (Glucose-binding Hexaurea Temple), which binds glucose as tightly as all but the strongest natural receptors, and with almost perfect selectivity. The aim of this research is to exploit GluHUT’s glucose binding properties in new ways which will further increase its value in medicine, and also to use the design as a starting point for receptors which bind other medically relevant carbohydrates (e.g. tumour biomarkers). You will be involved in the design, synthesis and study of new receptors as well as the supervision of graduate students working in the area.

Details and application

For more information and application, please go to the university website.