Hennie Valkenier-Van Dijk


Dr. Hennie Valkenier-van Dijk was born in The Netherlands in 1983 and 23 years later she graduated from the University of Groningen (MSc Chemistry, cum laude). She did her undergraduate research project with Prof. Kees Hummelen, synthesizing an anthraquinone-based redox switch for molecular electronics. After an internship with Ciba Specialty Chemicals, where she studied block copolymers as dispersants in coatings, she returned to the Molecular Electronics group of Kees Hummelen in Groningen as a PhD student. She synthesized π-conjugated molecular wires with thiol anchoring groups, investigated the formation of self-assembled monolayers of these molecules, and collaborated with physicists from various labs to measure the charge transport through her molecular wires. She successfully defended her PhD thesis on this work at 1st of July 2011 (cum laude). Hennie and her husband Jeroen then went to West-Africa to serve a year as volunteers on the hospital ship Africa Mercy, where Hennie worked as a science teacher. In September 2012, she returned to research by joining the Davis group to study anion transport for biomedical applications.

Contact: Hennie.Valkenier@bristol.ac.uk


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