Tom Carter


Tom graduated from University of Bristol in 2011 with a first class MSci in Chemistry, completing a final year project with Dr Stephen Thomas on the iron catalysed hydrogenation of olefins. In the summer of 2010 he worked with Dr M Carmen Galan, using quantum dots and ionic liquids in the development of novel neural tracers. He joined the Bristol Chemical Synthesis DTC in 2011 and after 8 months intensive training joined the Davis group. His project is on the development of synthetic carbohydrate receptors and is in collaboration with Dr M Carmen Galan and Dr Matt Crump .

Tom also maintains the group website.


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Synthetic Receptors for the High-Affinity Recognition of O-GlcNAc Derivatives
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A threading receptor for polysaccharides
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Iron-Catalysed Reduction of Olefins using a Borohydride Reagent 
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