Professor Davis awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

Tony will receive € 2.5 million funding for his project After GluHUT – A New Era for Synthetic Carbohydrate Receptors (POSTGLUHUT) which aims to transform the lives of diabetics.

Molecules which bind carbohydrates can have a range of medical uses. An important example is the application of glucose-binding molecules in glucose monitors for diabetics, and potentially in glucose-sensitive insulin which becomes more active as glucose levels increase. Our group recently developed a glucose-binding molecule called “GluHUT” (Glucose-binding Hexaurea Temple) which turns out to be remarkably effective. This ERC-funded project, “POSTGLUHUT”, aims to exploit GluHUT in a number of new ways, and also to develop the underlying science so that other carbohydrates can be targeted.

Congratulations Tony! More details can be found here: Bristol Chemistry